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A weekly podcast from the recording engineers at Solid Sound Recording Co in Ann Arbor, MI. Tricks, tips, behind the scenes stories and mayhem.
If you're into audio recording, recording gear or looking to break into the industry check us out for some insight and laughs.
Shoot us any questions or comments and we'll happily disscuss them during an upcoming episode. Rock!
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ep.1 ep.1 "Check 1...2..."
Our inagural Podcast! We introduce ourselves, talk about the history of Solid Sound and working in a professional recording studio.

ep.2 ep.2 "Size Does Matter!"
We talk about attending Sweetwaters GearFest 2013. Running sound for MCIF 2013. Microphones 101, and mic an entire drum kit using only Shure SM57's

ep.2 ep.3 "What's a Producer?"
What are the stages of album production, and what are the job roles of everyone involved? We try to cover a ton and end up deciding to make it a two part series.

ep.4 ep.4 "POST!"
The epic conclusion of our two part mini series on album production. We talk about editing, mixing and mastering.

ep.4 ep.5 "Please Stand By...."
We're experiencing technical difficulties... We discuss how to handle "oops" moments in the studio and give some embarrassing examples.


Bill pic Bill Ellis
Bill started working in the music business in 2008 as a tour manager and FOH engineer. After a few years on the road he made the decision to attend community college classes in recording and make his transition into a studio engineer. Bill attended The Dark Horse Institute in Nashville TN, where he was able to fully immerse himself in the recording world, and from there made his way back to Michigan where he gained an internship and employment with Solid Sound Recording Co. in 2012. Since then he has been working as a staff engineer and a freelancer, and is continually working toward international stardom!

Josh pic Josh Wiechmann
Like most audio engineers, Josh is a musician first. He began playing music at the age of 10 and has studied several instruments. At the age of 18 he sat down behind a drum kit and has not looked back since. Drums are his main instrument to this day. Josh has always had an interest in how the music he likes was recorded which inspired him to go to school for audio engineering. After school Josh interned at Solid Sound Recording Co. in Ann Arbor, MI where he is now a house/freelance engineer.

Eric pic Eric Wojahn
Eric has held pretty much every job position in the audio recording industry. From unpaid intern to chief enginner, student to studio owner. He studied at the Recording Workshop in OH,before heading back to the Metro Detroit area and realizing he didn't know shit. Landed an internship at the Livewire Post in Southfield MI in 99' and has been constantly learning and working his way up since. He now owns Solid Sound Recording Co in Ann Arbor, MI. Teaches audio recording at Washtenaw Community College and the University of Michigan. His love of recording and seeing Kevin Smith do a Podcast live is what lead to Keep Back 200 Hz.

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